Can these be used for underwater swimming ?

No, Betron B25 earphones are not waterproof and cannot be used for swimming.

Are they compatible with laptops?

Yes, Betron B25 noise isolating earphones are compatible with any laptops with a standard 3.5mm audio output.

Does it have a volume controller?

Betron B25 Earphones has 2 different versions. Betron B25 VC (Volume controller ) version has a built in volume controller and microphone. Volume controller can control the volume level, skip previous/next track, activate voice assistant and play/stop your music player. You can also answer/hang up you call on compatible smarphones like iPhone and Samsung smartphones.

Are they compatible with Amazon Fire HD?

Yes, Betron b25 noise isolating earphones are compatible with Amazon Fire Tablets, including Fire HD.

Are they compatible with Apple iPod Shuffle?

Yes Betron B25 noise isolating earphones are compatible with iPod Shuffle.

Is it suitable for gaming?

Betron B25 Noise isolating earphones are designed for listening music however, your major gaming need is a perfect stereo to hear left and right seperately which B25 does perfectly. There is one more important thing about gaming with Betron B25. You will need a microphone for gaming, please make sure you order the B25 VC version (with volume controller and microphone) as the Bse version of B25 doesn't have a built in microphone.

Can you use for TV?

Yes, most of the TV's has an audio output (3.5mm) and you can directly plug and play.

Can they be used on Macbook Air?

Yes, you can use Betron B25 Noise isolating earphones with Apple Macbook Air.

Is there any warranty for Betron B25 Earphones?

Yes, simply all betron earphones comes with minimum 1-year warranty for manufacturing defects. You can use the following link to contact our customer services.

Whats the bass like?

Betron B25 is designer for superior bass performance. It can respond even 20hz deep bass frequencies.