What is the cable lenght?

The cable lenght of the Betron B750 earphones is 1.2meters.

Are they compatible with iPhones?

Yes, Betron B750 noise isolating earphones are compatible with Apple iPhones, iPod and iPads. Please note that newer models of Apple portable devices doesn't have a 3.5mm audio output however, iPhones come with a cable adapter, so as long as you have the cable adapter which is provided with your iPhone, you can use it.

If I plug these into my PC's headphone socket will I lose the microphone functionality as it seems to only has 1 plug?

Depends which model you have. The B750s comes in at least two variants, one with a volume control which has microphone funtionality, and one without, which doesn't. If the plug on the end has 4 silver bands (3 dividing black bands) it will work, but if it only has three bands (2 black bands) it won't.

Do they work with Sony Walkman?

Yes, it works with Sony Walkman, Sony Discman and any Sony devices which has a standard audio output.

Does it work with Ipod Touch 1st gen?

Yes, it does. However, if you bought the B750 VC which has a built in volume controller and microphone, you may not be able to control it as the control board only supports the lates Apple softwares.

Why are there a variety of ear tip sizes and how do I know which ear tip size is right for me?

Ear canal measurements vary. Therefore, each model comes with multiple ear tip sizes. ( small, medium, large) . We recommend trying on various sizes. The tip that offers the most comfort and the best ear seal is the right one for you. You may even find that using a different size tip in each ear is the best option.

Are those sweat proof earphones?

Yes , B750s earphones are sweat proof

What is the frequency range of these headphones?

The frequency response it 14hz to 22Khz.

Are they compatible with Samsung smartphones?

Simpyl yes. Betron B750 Noise isolating earphones has 3.5mm universal audio connector you can simply use with any audio output, including Samsung smsart phones.

Are those comfortable to wear?

These earphones are one of the best selling earphones on amazon according to its rankings and we believe the customers find it comfortable. It comes with 3 different size earbuds to make sure it fits in your ear comfortably. However if you find the product is not suitable for your needs or if you find it uncomfortable we offer 30 days money back guarantee. You can return the product for a full refund. No questions asked