Does it have auto-connect?

Yes, when you turn on A3 Bluetooth Spekaer, it will quickly search for th last paired devices and if any available, ti will connect automatically.

Is it compatible with iPad?

Yes, Betron A3 Bluetooth speakers are compatible with all iPad models.

Does this come with a mains adaptor?

Unfortunately not. It only comes with a USB charging cable and you can use any USB output to charge your device.

What size of battery inside?

Betron A3 Bluetooth speakers using li-ion batteries which has 500mAh capacity.

What is the weight of the speaker ?

Betron A3 Bluetooth Spekaer is designed for portability. It only weights 215 grams.

How I can turn off the LED lights?

There is a small buton at the bottom of the speakers. You can press and hold the button to switch off the lights.

Does it work a with TV?

Yes, as long as your TV supports the Bluetooth protocol, you can use the A3 Bluetooth Speaker with your TV. Please note that some TV models has their own dedicated Bluetooth protocols and they require dedicated speakers. Please make sure your TV works with any Bluetooth devices before you buy.

Is it compatible with Samsung Devices ?

Yes, Betron A3 Bluetooth Wireless Speakers are compatible with Samsung Smarphones and Tablets.

Does the speaker include a - 3.5mm audio cable to connect external devices to aux function ?

Yes, Betron A3 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers comes with a cable which allows you to connect devices via 3.5mm audio connector.

Can I turn the volume up and down on the speaker?

Betron A3 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers has volume controller buttons on it and you can control the volume level without touching the audio source.