Big Sound

Betron Bluetooth XR77 is a powerful compact speaker that's as good at home as it is on the go. Featuring a rechargeable battery and Bluetooth streaming support, XR77 Bluetooth speaker is a stylish sound system you'll never want to be without.

Free to travel

Thanks to Bluetooth, the XR77 Speaker will never be tethered to one place. Stream music from your phone, tablet or computer without wires, from as far as 10m away. XR77 wireless speaker is equipped with a built in rechargeable battery, so you can listen for longer without having to plug in.

Light and sturdy

XR77's curved design is stylish yet unobtrusive. A piano black finish adds to the aesthetics, while ensuring the XR77 speaker remains light and robust.


Betron XR77 Bluetooth speaker, Portable, Wireless, Stylish, Loud, Rechargeable - Black
642 Reviews
Betron XR77 Bluetooth speaker, Portable, Wireless, Stylish, Loud, Rechargeable - Black
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10W full-range speakers

XR77 packs 10W full-range speakers with dual passive radiators that have been hand tuned in the UK by Betron's audio engineers. It's got the power to fill any room with clear, full-bodied sound, despite its small size, thanks to its digital amp, stereo speakers and clever acoustic engineering.