• Superb Sound Quality: Featuring 50mm drivers and a professionally-tuned acoustic system, these wireless headphones provide unparalleled sound quality. Enhancing any track, your listening experience will feel realistic and immersive.
  • Innovative Design: 13% lighter than their predecessor, this Bluetooth headphone set is a real cut above the rest. Featuring full wireless freedom, strong headband and softer ear cups, you re set for a convenient and comfortable experience all day.
  • Impressive Battery: Capable of withstanding a huge 10 hours of use from one charge, these wireless earphones are superbly durable. Also featuring a 3.5mm audio connector, you still have the option to use them when power is running low.
  • Hands-Free Controls: Featuring a built-in microphone alongside integrated control buttons, you can adjust your music and take calls with ease.
  • Strong Connection: Powered by cutting-edge class 1 Bluetooth technology, you can easily connect this wireless earphone set to any Bluetooth-compatible device. Hugely versatile and adaptable, you can listen to your favorite tracks hassle-free.

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EAN: 5060264025596 | RRP: £44.99

Experience Your Favorite Tracks Like Never Before With Betrons HD800 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

A true game-changer, these exclusive HD800 wireless headphones by Betron have been specifically designed to provide unparalleled audio quality to a professional standard. Providing the perfect balance between superb bass-driven sound and a surprisingly lightweight feel, the cutting-edge design of these headphones spans all aspects of their function.

Professional Acoustic Engine

Equipped with outstanding acoustic ability, these earphones have the power to transform your entire listening experiences for good. Featuring signature signal processing software alongside 50mm drivers, all components of every track will be delivered precisely how the producer and artist imagined – providing a truly authentic, personal experience youll struggle to find from simpler headphones.

Streamlined Design For Maximum Comfort

Weighing-in at 13percent lighter than their predecessor, these headphones feature a truly expert design with optimum comfort and performance in mind. Offering soft ear cups and a sturdy headband, this set can provide a custom fit to suit virtually any head shape. Designed to provide all-day comfort even when worn for hours, youll never have to worry about these earphones ever feeling painful or restrictive.

Built-In Microphone And Controls

Complete with an integrated on-ear control panel and built-in microphone, listening to your favorite music certainly isnt the only thing you can achieve with these headphones! Allowing you to skip and pause tracks alongside adjusting volume, you can also take calls completely hands-free. And as these controls are fully compatible with Siri, you can get the most out of your Apple devices solely using your earphones.

Headphones With Microphone
Streamlined design

The new HD800 Headphones are 13% lighter than before and feature a stronger headband. Softer ear cups and an ergonomic bellow create a flexible, custom fit for every head shape.

Betron HD800 Wireless headphones have been upgraded and refined, delivering Bass Driven high quality sound with improved battery life. Class 1 Bluetooth technology gives wireless freedom, sleek and durable design emphasises comfort and coolness, while the headset has integrated controls for music playback and hands-free calls. Betron HD800 headphones are an awesome audio accessory for an emotionally-charged wireless listening experience and multiple all-day use.

Comfortable Fit
Comfort-cushion ear-cups buffer outside noise for a fully immersive music experience.

Boosted Battery
You can stay unplugged for up to 10 hours of wireless listening. A Remote Talk cable is provided if the battery should run out or if you prefer a wired connection.

Convenient Control
The integrated on-ear control and microphone gives you easy command of track selection, volume level and hands-free phone calls.