• Safety Focused: Research suggests that prolonged listening of volumes over 85 dBA can cause hearing damage; These exclusive kids headphones prevent volumes of all levels, providing maximum protection for your childrens ears.
  • Adjustable: This earphone set headband is fully adjustable, able to fit most children from age 3 to early teens; Easy to adjust and built for optimum comfort, you won t have to worry about these headphones suddenly falling off and becoming damaged.
  • Snug Earpads: Featuring, snug-fitting ear pads built for premium comfort, this headphone set has been designed to prevent sound leakage; Allowing your kids to listen to music without disturbing anyone else, you can still enjoy peace and quiet
  • Durable: Specifically designed to withstand the typical rough and tumble activities of many kids, these headphones can withstand a variety of different environments with ease; Created to be reliable, these earphones will stand the test of time.
  • Great sound: Despite safe volume limitation, your kids certainly won t be left with poor sound quality; Premium components provide crystal clear clarity and great sound, meaning children can listen to their favorite tracks with ease.

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EAN: 5060264025824 | RRP: £16.99

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Stylish, Cool And Safe, Betrons NT902 Headphones Have Been Expertly Built For Kids!

Whether your child is an avid wannabe DJ or loves listening to their favorite music from a tablet in the car, these versatile headphones are serviced to impress. Specifically designed with child-friendly welfare in mind, these headphones are super safe and easy to use without compromising on style.

Safe Volume Limiting Technology

The last thing you want is for your kids to be listening to their music far too loud, as this could cause serious hearing damage in the future. Luckily, this headphone set prevents reaching volumes higher than industry-approved 85 dBA, giving you peace of mind your child wont be causing harm to their hearing. Safety-focused without preventing your kids from enjoying their favorite tracks, utmost protection is provided.

Adjustable And Comfortable

Complete with soft-touch snug earpads and a fully adjustable headband, this set is effortlessly versatile. Suitable for toddlers all the way up to early teens, the headband is easily adjustable and certain to feel comfortable all day long.

Versatile And Easy to Use

Designed to be simple and suitable for a variety of ages, your kids wont struggle to operate these headphones. And as theyre compatible with an array of smartphones, laptops and tablets, children can listen to their favorite music or watch movies without disturbing anyone else!

Headphones For Kids

Betron NT902 Kids Headphones

These kid’s headphones look just fresh and super cool. Any young wannabe entertainer will feel like a real DJ when they pop these on and listen to their favourite sounds. And they’re perfect for watching movies too, at home or in the car on a laptop or tablet.

Limited Volume For Ear Protection
Volume limiting ear protection (85 dba). Volume limits over 85 dba are known to cause hearing loss over time.

Sounds great!
Whatever is playing through these children’s headphones you can be sure the sounds will be coming through clear and bright. Quality components make for fantastic sounds and the snug-fitting ear pads prevent sound leakage so everyone else is not disturbed – a real bonus for all the family!

Brilliant fit for kids from age 3 upwards
The adjustable headband means they will fit most children from age 3 right through to early teens and the soft ear pads make for a super comfortable fit every time. But they don’t just look good and fit well – they’re durable too and will withstand a rough and tumble lifestyle. And there’s a terrific range of 3 colours so whether you’re seeking toddler’s headphones, girl’s headphones or boy’s headphones there is a colour to suit all those fussy young customers!