• Powerful Sound: Specifically designed to provide a wider, more enhanced sound range, this headphone set provides premium clarity; Giving your favorite tracks the dynamic sound they deserve, these headphones offer distinct power
  • Punchy Bass: Made using innovative neodymium magnets to provide unparalleled stereo sound, the bass driven nature of these headphones produce intense power, rich sound and increased sound pressure
  • Unique Design: Featuring a stunning black and gold color scheme, these over headphones really stand out from the crowd; Complete with a chic wooden look finish over each earpad, this set is unique and stylish
  • Comfortable: Designed with maximum comfort in mind, both ear pads have been made using premium quality foam for an all day cushioned feel; Also featuring a flexible, curved headband, these headphones will suit virtually all head shapes and sizes
  • Versatile: Equipped with a convenient 3.5mm audio connector, these headphones can be used alongside a variety of devices including iPods, iPads, iPhones, laptops, Samsung tablets and more.

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EAN: 5060264025145 | RRP: £24.99

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Experience Top-Quality Bass and Enhanced Stereo Sound Without Compromising on Comfort or Style

Expertly designed to provide a truly stellar listening experience no matter your taste in music, these Betron HD1000 headphones are a real force to be reckoned with. Superbly stylish and made using innovative sound-enhancing technology, every single track you play will sound precisely like the artist intended.

Strong Bass-Driven Sound

Featuring an improved range of acoustics, these headphones give you the power to feel every single aspect of your music. Designed to provide boosted clarity and a much wider range of frequencies and sounds, super punchy bass is yours for the taking! Complete with specially-created neodymium magnets for further enhancement, your music will have never sounded so good.

Streamlined Design

Luxurious and built for all-day comfort, these headphones feature a cutting-edge streamlined design serviced to suit virtually all head shapes. Boasting a perfectly curved, flexible headband alongside foam-padded ear cups, their ability to pivot allows this set to mould to your exact head dimensions. Providing a completely natural fit certain to feel comfortable every single time, youll never have to worry about tight pains or headaches when wearing these headphones!

Quality Durability

The premium materials used to craft these headphones service maximum durability for a long time to come. Also featuring a gold-plated 3.5mm audio connector for signal perfection, the connectivity between your audio device and headphones will always be of the best possible strength.


  • Dynamic neodymium magnets stellar sound quality frequencies
  • Powerful, rich bass even the most demanding tracks
  • Streamlined, luxurious design adjustable headband
  • Crystal clear vocals
  • Easily foldable for maximum convenience

Strong Connection
The gold-plated 3.5mm audio connector ensures maximum connection strength, maintaining a solid signal with your chosen audio source.

Dynamic Sound Range
Complete with an enhanced frequency range and a greater sense of clarity, each track will be delivered precisely as the artist intended.

Custom Fit
Featuring an adjustable headband and cushioned, pivoting ear pads, these headphones are built for all-day comfort.