High Powered Dynamic Speaker Systems

With its attractive appearance, the B25 ear canal phones are no less than charming. Offering an outstanding audio performance, thanks to their high powered dynamic speaker systems, they also include various ear adaptor sets for excellent fit and ambient noise attenuation. Strut in style and let the music flow anywhere you go.

Powerful Bass-Driven Sound

With their high passive attenuation of ambient noise and delivery of a powerful bass-driven sound, the B550S are the perfect audio companion for the trail or the pavement.

Crystal Clear Sound

If you love crystal clear sound whilst listening to music, then these are the earphones for you.

Media Gallery

B-25 earphones will bring your music to life.

Betron B-25 Earphones will deliver deep bass and crystal clear acoustics from 9mm High Definition speaker driver. High powered dynamic speaker systems for an outstanding audio performance.