• Premium Audio: The B25 has a bass that goes deeper than deep and crisp clean trebles that hit higher than you would expect from a set of earbuds at this price point; In fact, they outperform their price range with a premium listening experience
  • With its attractive appearance, the B25 headphones are no less than charming; They are lightweight and provide long lasting comfort during a variety of sport activities; Strut in style and let the music flow anywhere you go
  • Noise isolating earphones eliminate outside noise to keep your music crystal clear; They also allow you to listen to your tracks at much lower and safer volumes; Also include various ear bud sets for excellent fit and ambient sound attenuation
  • B25 earphones deliver a tight, deep bass response, perfect for low end focused music; An acoustic port controls air flow for the low frequency range, optimising diaphragm movement for an accurate reproduction of bass
  • Suitable for virtually all devices with a compatible 3.5mm headphone jack including iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android devices, tables, Samsung smartphones, laptops, MP3 players and gaming devices. some devices may require earphone adapter

Crystal Clear Sound

If you love crystal clear sound whilst listening to music, then these are the earphones for you.

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EAN: 5060264024087 | RRP: £12.99

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B-25 earphones will bring your music to life.

Betron B-25 Earphones will deliver deep bass and crystal clear acoustics from 9mm High Definition speaker driver. High powered dynamic speaker systems for an outstanding audio performance.

Get The Most Out of Your Music With Betron B25 Wired Earphones

Specifically designed with simplicity in mind, these B25 in ear headphones from Betron certainly dont compromise on quality or style. Superbly practical and ideal for everyday use, these earphones are sure to become your must-have accessory

Crisp Sound And Noise Isolation

The all-round metal casing of these headphones helps provide increased bass without vibration, allowing you to immerse yourself into each and every track. Better still, this enhanced sound quality is further improved by noise isolation, as these headphones are able to drown-out unwanted background noises to let your music truly take center stage.

Tangle-Free Wire With Gold Plated Connector

Unlike many other sets of wired headphones constantly getting into knots, these earbuds feature a tangle-resistant wire. Designed to remain smooth and hassle-free when not in use, the gold-plated connector also provides superb durability. Reducing risk of corrosion and maintaining strong signal strength, you will never have to worry about your favorite tracks suddenly cutting out.

Versatile With a Tailored Fit

These Betron headphones dont take a one size fits all approach, allowing you to select the perfect fitting earbuds for your ear shape. Equipped with small, medium and large sizes to choose from, these headphones are superbly versatile and adaptable for optimum comfort all day long.

Carry Case

Convenient Carry case included. Compact and functional hard case keeps items safe and extremely portable.

Perfect Fit

Get set to enjoy long hours of music in comfort. Choose the size that offers the most optimum fit, from the 3 pairs of silicone tips  that come bundled with the earphones

Cable Clip

Free cable clip included. It prevents the cord from moving around. Attach the cable of your B25 to the back of the clip, then clip it anywhere you like.

Excellent sound
Metal composite vibrating diaphragm matches with 10mm driver streams crisp highs, fascinating mids and powerful bass

Gold Plated Jack
Gold plating is used on connectors and switch contacts for a good reason – to reduce the possibility of corrosion which could cause signal loss and non linearity in analog connections.

Comfortable Modern Ear Buds
The B25 earbuds come in three different sizes: small, medium and large, making this item adaptable for all. The ear buds give luxurious comfort and support so you can enjoy getting lost in the music.

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