The most common problem encountered with Bluetooth speakers is the connection problem. If you cannot see your Betron Speaker on your Bluetooth devices list, or even though you see the speaker on your devices list, you cannot establish a connection between devices, the following solution may be suitable for you.


Betron speakers can be paired with multiple devices and when you turn the speaker on, it will automatically connect to one of the available audio sources. However, due to chipset capabilities, Betron speakers can connect one item at a time. That means, if any other device (mobile phone, computer tablet, TV etc.) automatically connects to your speaker, you will not be able to see the speaker on devices list.



Please turn off the Bluetooth function on the other devices to prevent auto connection. Once you turn on the speaker it will wait for connection and you can connect it with any audio source.


Other Connection Problems

Another known issue with the Bluetooth devices  (no matter what brand it is) is an unsuccessful pairing. Smartphones or tablets may not connect to a Bluetooth device for no apparent reason.  In that case, please go to your Bluetooth devices list on your audio source (tablet, phone, computer etc.) and remove (Forget Device) the device from the Bluetooth devices list. After that step, please pair the speaker again.